March 13, 2018 - Posted by Lallemand Oenologie

Restarting stuck alcoholic fermentation : a simple, efficient protocol

Problems with alcoholic fermentation can be avoided by taking preventative measures as part of good alcoholic fermentation management. These measures include choosing an appropriate yeast; following the rehydration protocol; using yeast protector; sensible, balanced management of yeast nutrition; oxygen and temperature management, etc... However, unexpected factors can cause fermentation hitches. The problem must be identified and tackled to avoid disastrous consequences for wine.

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March 27, 2018 - Posted by Lallemand Oenologie

Glutathione and its application in winemaking

GSH-rich SIY are natural winemaking tools that can be used to favor and improve aroma intensity and longevity & protect the color of wines. OptiMUM White® is a new SIY rich in glutathione that enhances the reduced glutathione availability. It contains the highest level of true active and efficient form of GSH. This product will have positive impact on color, wine thiols content, wine esters and on the sensory properties; as well as an impact on the preservation of aromatic compounds during aging

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