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Francine Vidal
Francine VidalThis member is a Winemak-in influencer
Wine Bacteria Product Manager in Lallemand Company, Lallemand Oenology Division


Microbiologist specialized in food industries, I am involved in the world of microorganisms applied to fermented beverages and mainly in oenology and wines. From the selection of yeasts, to the development and marketing of biotechnology and oenological products, I am currently a product manager for wine bacteria in the Lallemand oenology division, the malolactic fermentation is a very qualitative step in the process of vinification, at least as much as the alcoholic fermentation, but is still very few invested. The selected bacteria offer new opportunities for winemaking process , for wine quality meeting the wineakers’s expectations and needs. We try to show these benefits and make the use of selected bacteria more recognized.

Topics of interest

Francine VidalThis member is a Winemak-in influencer published an article
2 years ago

Impact of selected wine bacteria on the sensory profile of wines .
Publiée le 22/02/2020 17:54
Sensory analysis Microbiology
A new spanish study performed in collaboration with technical institutes investigates the effects of co-inoculation ( inoculation of wine bacteria 24 hours after yeast addition)  with two different  wine bacteria Oenococcus oeni  (PN4 and OMEGA under MBR form , from Lallemand oenology)  on the kinetics of malolactic fermentation (MLF), wine chemical composition, and organoleptic characteristics in comparison with spontaneous MLF in Tempranillo grape must from Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).
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3 years ago

Lallemand Oenology, sponsor of WineGB, speaks at the technical conference held in Denbies Winery, UK, June 24th, 2019
Publiée le 03/07/2019 15:42
A WineGB (Wines of Great Britain) Technical Conference was held on June 24th, 2019 at Denbies Winery. Two members of Lallemand Oenology –one of WineGB sponsors, the national association for the English and Welsh wine industry-, Nathalie Sieczkowski, Research Director, and Sigrid Gertsen-Schibbye, Area Manager UK and Scandinavia, participated as speakers.
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3 years ago

Francine VidalThis member is a Winemak-in influencer liked the article
3 years ago

GLUTASTAR™ - The king of natural antioxidants
Publiée le 13/06/2019 16:26
Innovation Sustainable development Stabilisation & Bottling
Protection of rosé and white musts against oxidation at the earliest stage of the winemaking process is key to prevent browing and loss of aromas in wine. The addition of inactivated dry yeasts (IDY) containing glutathione is now well known from the winemakers as a tool to limit oxidation phenomena in musts and wines. GLUTASTAR™ is a new specific inactivated yeast with guaranteed glutathione level offering more benefits to the wine than protection against oxidation only.
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