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Winemaking with wine yeast and bacteria

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Lallemand Œnology is the only producer of yeasts, wine bacteria, their nutrients and inactivated yeasts adapted to oenological applications: protection and nutrition of yeasts or bacteria, specific inactivated yeasts to preserve the aromatic freshness of white and rosé wines, contribute to wine ageing or preserving the color of red wines …

Having been involved in the wine sector since the 1970s and, as pioneer in this field, Lallemand Œnology has always been committed to a constant research of excellence and innovation policy. Our company invests continually in its own Research and Development department, but collaborate also with the largest universities, research centers and technical institutes around the world.

Lallemand Œnology offers a wide range of high quality products, some of them patented. All of our oenological solutions help winemakers manage their fermentations, contribute to the quality of the wine and help them to define the styles of their wine.

Lallemand Œnology’s facilities and offices are located in most of the major wine regions in the world. Our teams are in close contact with researchers and users of products in their regions. Their work is carried out in collaboration with a network of recognized distributors and specialists operating in the heart of each wine region.

Lallemand Oenology of yeast production facilities located in Grenaa (Denmark), Montreal (Canada) and Vienna (Austria), all certified ISO9002 version 2000. Wine bacteria are produced in an approved specialized plant (Pharmaceutical BPF) in Aurillac (France) and in Montreal (Canada).

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