Is there a difference between the yeast used for Jura and Jerez Wines ?

9 months ago

Vin jaune du Jura is matured under a yeast film, as Jerez Fino, but their styles are very differents (oxidative vs non oxydative)? Could the nature of yeast population explain that ?

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Do the micro oxygenation should be stopped before the MLF ?

11 months ago

Hi, I did find this question about Micro-ox and MLF, would like to have your thoughts about this

"Micro oxygenation is typically done before MLF. it should be stopped before the end so that the MLF bacteria can consume the aldehyde generated by oxygen"

Is that true ?

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Where to find red wine without MLF?

1 year ago

Almost all the red wines are undergoing the malolactic fermentation... But in theory, some winemakers can choose to avoid it... Do you know where to find some examples ?

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How to restart a stuck Malolactic fermentation ?

Want to know more about stuck MLF restart protocol ?
Read our last Restarting stuck malolactic fermentations recommendations

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Brett inoculation in pre fermenting stage, is that really a good idea ?

2 years ago

I just watched an strange experiment of a winemaker trying to cope with the off-aromas of Brett in inoculating must with Brett before the AF... What should we expect ?

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