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3 jours Lifting the Lid on Fermentation: A Masterclass in wine fermentation
Lifting the Lid on Fermentation: A Masterclass in wine fermentation
22 octobre 2017 - 24 octobre 2017


Wine microbiology and fermentation is a rich and fascinating area crucial to wine quality and subject to many developments. In today’s world of wine the prevalence of ‘natural’, Lo-Fi, minimal intervention, ‘wild’ yeast fermented wines have left many bamboozled about what these theories actually mean within the wine that’s in your glass.

This masterclass will show blind scientific trials from all over the world that give you an in depth look at wine microbiology, its impact on fermentation and the subsequent results in the characteristic of the wine.

A must for anyone wanting to take the next level in their sensory development or wanting background into the microbiological level of fermentation. Join us to learn more about the role of wine yeast and bacteria in contemporary winemaking:

  • Review the basics about wine fermentation and microbiology with Jason Amos and Dr. Eveline Bartowsky
  • Learn more about the role micro-organisms play in winemaking, and how boosting their performance can effect significant improvements to the quality and site expression of wine, with Sam Harrop MW
  • Tasting and event animated by Samantha Payne, Sommelier, Wine Writer and Educator

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Horaire : Hobart, TAS – 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sydney, NSW - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Melbourne, VIC – 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Plus d'informations : Sunday, 22nd October 2017- Hobart, TAS – 3pm – MONA – Eros Room, Ether Building Monday, 23rd October 2017- Sydney, NSW – 3pm – Location TBC (Possibly PDR at Nomad) Tuesday, 24th October 2017- Melbourne, VIC – 2pm – Cutler and Co PDR
Organisateur : Sommeliers Australia

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