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1 jour Microorganisms and wine fermentation
Microorganisms and wine fermentation
15 septembre 2020 - 15 septembre 2020

The WSET is organizing a free-to-attend webinar on Sept. 15th, at 7pm BST that will explore the microorganisms found in the natural flora of the fermenting must and the role of yeast and bacteria in wine. 

The panelists to this event are : Dirceu Vianna Junior MW, Sam Harrop MW and Ann Dumont, Communication Manager at Lallemand Oenology.


If tou want to attend, register here:


Informations pratiques
Horaire : 7pm - BST
Plus d'informations : Join Dirceu Vianna Junior MW, Ann Dumont and Sam Harrop MW to examine the microorganisms found in fermenting wine and to explore the contributions and threats of microbiological populations in winemaking.
Organisateur : WSET

Plus d'informations sur l'auteur :

Lallemand OenologyCe membre est un influenceur Winemak-In
Producteur et développeur de levures, bactéries et dérivés de levures pour l'oenologie