Pauline Vicard

Director of programs Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines

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In this time of rapid change, Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines brings together global experts, influencers, and deep thinkers inside and outside the wine world to a dedicated forum to think about the next decade, share understandings of the challenges and opportunities to come, build new definitions of luxury, and shape the future of Fine Wine.

About me: It all starts with a personal story.

My parents were winegrowers in Burgundy and I’ve been working with them during all my childhood and teenage. When I didn’t want to take over my dad when he retired, he said: ‘Ok, but go and do something meaningful in the world of wines’.

I’ve since then orientated my professional career to roles where I could not only learn about the industry and promote wine but also teach, train and share knowledge, at both national (French) and international level.

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