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WINEMAK-IN is the social network for wine and enology professionals


Winemak-in is open to Wine producers, Vinegrowers, Winemakers, Enologists, Wine consultants, Technicians and all the people involved in wine production or promotion.

Topics and conversations cover a large range of subjects, from the grapes to the wine bottle.

WINEMAK-IN has been developed by Entropic-Synergies, specialized in professional social networks, with the purpose of creating a digital place dedicated to the various players of the wine industry.

Winemak-in has a quadruple objective:

Winemak-in aims to contribute to bringing added value to wine-making techniques and the quality of wines.

  1. Inform wine professionnal, with technical content to inform and enrich knowledge about winemaking techniques or practices;
  2. Facilitate exchanges, sharing of experiences and knowledge, by giving the opportunity to use private or public communication and publication tools;
  3. Provide the opportunity for wine professionals to build and grow a network with other professionals involved in winemaking;
  4. Create lasting relationships with Winemak-in members, perfectly targeted in your industry.

Note: WINEMAK-IN is not a wine marketing or wine promotion site : we don't sell wine here.

During the development phases of Winemak-in, Entropic-synergies conducted a survey of certain players in the sector and collaborated with the Lallemand Company for its technical guarantee, knowledge and expertise in winemaking.

The values ​​of WINEMAK-IN

TECHNICITY: technical and reliable information exchange on winemaking, decision support for winemakers. Each member can help enrich the content.
INNOVATION: 1st network for winemakers, containing news and innovations in the wine sector.
REALISM: members can give their opinions / testimonials on vinification techniques and enological tools.
RESPECT: quality information, highlighting the members' experience.
PARTICIPATION: everyone can share their experience through interprofessional exchanges. The different players in the wine sector can build their own professional network.
OPEN MINDED: everyone can come and speak.

WINEMAK-IN Partners 

Winemak-in is a funding member of La Winetech. Whether through mobile applications, websites or other new technologies, Winetech members are dedicated to bring the general public closer to the wine by offering new services which facilitate discovery, choice, consumption or the purchase of wine -