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Conditions générales d'utilisation

Terms of use - Winemak-in: is a content hosting site operated by WINEMAK-IN LTD, with its headquarters in Spring Lane North, Worcestershire, Malvern WR141BU, England.

Website hosting:

The accommodation of the service is provided by OVH – 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 ROUBAIX – France

Responsible for publication:

WINEMAK-IN LTD is responsible for the publication of the site and will be supported by the Community Manager, Mr Jules Lamon, manager of My Wine Company, contracted for the animation of the site.

Photo credits:

Photos published on the social network WINEMAK-IN are the property of WINEMAK-IN and / or its partners, with the exception of the photos posted by the members. They are not free of rights. Any use of these photographic images is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from the photo library service. The general conditions of use are expressly subject to the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property.

For any claims on this site or its content, contact: edition AT winemak-in DOT com

The company WINEMAK-IN LTD puts everything in place to make the Site accessible 24 // 24 hours and 7/7 days, apart from the maintenance operations or cases of force majeure which would require the partial or total interruption of the Site.

Use of information:
WINEMAK-IN LTD can not be held responsible for the interpretation, completeness, completeness and updating of the data and information contained in this Site, nor for the consequences of their use.
The exploitation by a Member of one or more information on this Site is made under the sole responsibility of that Member and WINEMAK-IN LTD can not be held liable in any way in connection with this exploitation and / or the consequences Of the latter.
WINEMAK-IN LTD can not be held liable for direct or indirect damage, tangible or intangible, whether or not this damage is attributable to the consultation and use of this site.
WINEMAK-IN LTD can not be held responsible for the content of the sites to which it refers, and / or points.

These general conditions of use (hereinafter "the Terms of Use") govern the relationship between:

WINEMAK-IN LTD, a company headquartered in Spring Lane North, Worcestershire, Malvern WR141BU, England, hereinafter referred to as WINEMAK-IN LTD, operator of the WINEMAK-IN



The users or members of the Website referenced under the domain name, as identified by themselves when creating their account on the platform of the site, hereinafter referred to as Member or User

on the other hand.

1) Creating, deactivating, and deleting a WINEMAK-IN account by the Member

Membership Status:

In order to benefit from the Service and to be a Member of the WINEMAK-IN network, the User must first register by filling in the registration form, accessible online on the Site. By registering, the Member confirms that he / she has read these Terms of Use and accepts to submit to it without reservation. The Member also guarantees that WINEMAK-IN has provided accurate, truthful, up-to-date and complete information concerning its identity, professional activity and contact details. It undertakes in particular to provide an effective electronic address and which it owns. In addition, it ensures to update the information concerning it, for the good functioning of the Site.
WINEMAK-IN is in no way liable to Users and third parties for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies that may be found in the information provided by a Member.

Creating an account:

To create a WINEMAK-IN Account and become a Site Member, you will need to enter a WINEMAK-IN Account Name (also known as an ID) and a password (subject to availability). Your function and your wine region will also be asked, as well as your interests. This WINEMAK-IN account is strictly personal to you and you will not share or assign it to anyone. This is an essential obligation of this contract. You agree not to choose an identifier that infringes on the rights of third parties and in particular the right to name, intellectual property rights or more generally contrary to public policy. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password, and actions that are performed under your Account Name and / or Password: If you are logging on to a public computer, be sure to log off When you leave this computer. Do not share your password with anyone.

Deactivating or Deleting an Account:

If you no longer wish to use your account, you can disable or delete it by sending your request to


By disabling your account, you cease all activity. Other users do not see your profile anymore, but we do not erase your information. Deactivating an account is equivalent to telling us not to delete the information because you may want to reactivate this account in the future.


When you cancel an account, it is permanently deleted from WINEMAK-IN. A period of about one month is required to delete an account, but some information may remain in backup copies and in activity logs up to 90 days. Terminate your account only if you are sure that you do not want to reactivate it.

2) Rules for use of the WINEMAK-IN network

Subject to compliance with the registration requirements for the creation of an account on WINEMAK-IN, the Member is able to benefit from the free functionalities of the Site.
Generally speaking, in order to ensure a responsible, ethical, constructive, technical, professional and friendly atmosphere conducive to exchanges on the Site, the administrators reserve the right to delete, modify a content or profile, , Without having to justify their choices and without notice as soon as your use of the Site infringes any of the laws or regulations in force or in general, the public order and / or the right of third parties. In the event of use of the Site, the Member prohibits himself or herself from engaging in acts of any kind, such as broadcasting, publishing, uploading or broadcasting Data and / or contents that are contrary to the law, infringe public policy or the rights of WINEMAK-IN LTD or third parties. In particular, without limitation, the Member undertakes, in its use of the Site, to respect and communicate accurate information at the time of registration and to respect the following rules in order to:
• Do not use false identities to deceive others;
• Comply with the laws in force and respect the rights of third parties, as well as the present contractual stipulations;
• Refrain from disseminating information or content that is not in line with reality;
• Do not distribute data, information or content that is defamatory, abusive, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting violence, racist or xenophobic, and in general any content that is contrary to the laws or regulations in force or To good morals;
• Do not disseminate data, information or content that has the effect of diminishing, disrupting, preventing normal use of the Site, or interrupting and / or slowing down the normal flow of communications between Members;
• Do not disseminate data, information or content that has the effect of diminishing, disrupting, preventing normal use of the Site, or interrupting and / or slowing down the normal flow of communications between Members;
• Do not use the Service to massively send unsolicited messages (advertising or otherwise);
• Do not use a Subscription for recruitment purposes, directly or indirectly.
If these conditions are not respected, WINEMAK-IN LTD reserves the right to exclude the Member (s) concerned.

3) Responsibility for publications

1 / The content

Each Member registered on the Site agrees, by publishing its contents and by communicating with the other Members to be entirely responsible. Furthermore, all the hardware and software necessary for the access to the Site and the use of the Service remain exclusively the responsibility of the Member. It is responsible for taking all appropriate measures to protect its own data, computer systems and / or software from contamination by possible viruses.

By posting content, you also warrant that you own the content in question or that you have the right to publish it, that publication of your content on or through the Site does not violate any right to privacy , No right of publicity, intellectual property (including copyright) or any other right of any other person. You agree to pay copyright, taxes, or other amounts owed to any person by virtue of any content published by you on or through the Site. You also agree, for any content displaying the image of one or more other persons, to obtain their consent before the publication of your content.

In the event that, by posting on the Site, you wish to quote, reference, display or reproduce all or part of the content of which you are not the owner, solely for the purpose of information, distribution or promotion Of this content for the benefit of its successors, you undertake to cite systematically the source, the credits and, as soon as possible, to create a hyperlink to a website presenting this same content by its beneficiaries.

2 / Reporting abuses

If you notice or believe that Content stored on the Services is manifestly unlawful, you can report it to WINEMAK-IN LTD by clicking on "Report abuse" on the WINEMAK-IN website directly or by sending an e-mail to
You can also write to:

Spring Lane North, Worcestershire, Malvern WR141BU, England

Your notification allows WINEMAK-IN LTD to identify the illegal Content and the path to this content to ensure the fight against abuse.
As a reminder, the law does not impose on WINEMAK-IN LTD any general obligation to monitor the Content. WINEMAK-IN LTD is not obliged to remove any Content that does not appear to be clearly illegal. However, Members are advised that any unlawful reporting may itself be sanctioned in accordance with applicable regulations.

4) Relationship with advertisers and e-merchants

You can, within the framework of the Services contract directly with third parties (professionals) of the offers that offer. WINEMAK-IN LTD is a third party to these relations and can not be held liable or involved in these contractual relations, in particular in the event of a dispute with the third party service provider concerned on its service, the contractual conditions applicable or the performance of the contract . On its pages, WINEMAK-IN LTD makes every effort to ensure that the e-mail address to which you can contact the third party provider is available and easily accessible.

5) Responsibility of the ADVERTISER on the content of the announcement

The advertiser (events, publicity, ...) is solely responsible for the content of his advertisement. The advertiser undertakes to ensure that the text and the images of its advertisement comply with all French legislation and, in particular, legislation on advertising and promotion, mail order, literary and artistic property, The right of persons to control the disclosure of their name and image, and the principles of professional discretion usually recognized in France.

6) Privacy Policy

Members' personal data is stored by WINEMAK-IN LTD on its servers for processing in connection with the use of the Service.

All personal data transmitted by the Member in connection with the use of the Site and the Service are collected legally and fairly. They are intended to use the Site and provide the Service and may therefore be used by WNEMAK-IN for this purpose. In particular, each Member shall be informed that the data concerning it may be used by WINEMAK-IN to propose to it to contact other Members, selected on the basis of said data; These data shall not be communicated to the Members concerned, except those accessible via the public profile. Each Member accepts this use of its data. The Registration Form on the Site allows the Member to register on the Site and to the Service by communicating to WINEMAK-IN certain personal data concerning him / her. The mandatory or optional nature of the communication of the requested data is indicated on the Form for each collection field. In the case where the communication of the data is compulsory, the absence of their communication will result in the non-processing of the Member's application for registration.

WINEMAK-IN LTD does not communicate the personal data of the Members to third parties, except for the data present on the public profile of each Member, according to the parameters determined by him, when the purpose of the Site and the Service, And where the communication of such data is imposed by the regulations in force, in particular at the request of the judicial authority.

The Member has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning him or her processed via the Site, as well as the right to oppose the communication of this data to third parties for just cause.

7) Hypertext links

WINEMAK-IN offers hypertext links to websites published and / or managed by third parties.

To the extent that no control is exercised over these external resources, the User acknowledges that WINEMAK-IN LTD assumes no responsibility for the availability of these resources and can not be held responsible for their content.

Members' personal profiles, contents or messages exchanged may contain links to other websites. The administrators of the site are in no way responsible for their content, the accuracy, the reliability of the information or the opinions expressed on these sites. Any consultation of the third sites is done at your own risk.

8) Intellectual Property
No reproduction, even partial, of the technical, graphic, textual or other technical components of the site, except for the contents provided by the Members themselves, and the advertising provided by third parties, provided for in article L.122-5 of the Code Of the intellectual property, can not be made of this site without the authorization of the director of publication.

9) Modification of the Terms of Use

These Terms of Use may be amended by WINEMAK-IN LTD at any time and without prior notice. The Member is therefore invited to consult regularly their latest updated version, available to all and permanently accessible on the homepage of the Site, by clicking on the link "Conditions of Use".