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Murphy & Son and Lallemand go partners for distribution of Lallemand Wine products in the UK
Murphy & Son and Lallemand go partners for distribution of Lallemand Wine products in the UK
Publiée le 21/08/2019 10:32

Lallemand Oenology and Murphy & Son will be joining forces for the approaching 2019 harvest to distribute Lallemand’s winemaking products all over United Kingdom.

As Murphy & Son and Lallemand have decided to collaborate to enable the distribution of Lallemand natural wine products throughout the UK, the brand Lalvin™, renowned for selected natural wine yeast and bacteria, or yeast nutrients such as Fermaid™ and Go-Ferm™, and many other natural wine products will be now made available to UK winemakers through Murphy & Son.

Murphy & Son has supplied and greatly supported the British drink industry since 1887, when originally established by Mr. Albert John Murphy in Leeds. In 1919, Mr. Murphy moved the company to Nottingham and its new home at the Hutchinson’s, Prince of Wales Brewery site, which is still the home site and is now a listed building. Working with UK vineyards, wineries and cideries across the country is a new evolution for the company, especially now that the production of wine in the UK is booming.

In less than a month, harvest will begin for many vineyards across the UK; it is now time to get ready for winemakers. To place order for harvest supplies, either click here for online ordering, or send an email to to get your online order form.

We trust that this distribution agreement with Murphy & Son will be very successful and enable winemakers and cidermakers all around the UK to benefit from Lallemand’s natural solutions and to produce great wines.

Lallemand wishes the UK wineries and vineyards many happy fermentations during harvest, and beyond. We hope our yeast, bacteria and nutrients can be a part of the process, and the continuing evolution of fine wines of the future.

Roll on, vinifications!


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