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Skin maceration enzymes - Impact on thiol content of Sauvignon Blanc
Publiée le 26/11/2020 10:43
Innovation Stabilisation & Bottling Grapes & wines analysis Sensory analysis Viticulture Sustainable development Microbiology fermentations
Grape compounds such as pectin, hemicelluloses, celluloses and glucans can impact the winemaking process, cause product loss and increase costs and time.
Specific enzymes such as pectinases, hemicellulases, cellulases and β-glucanases can help overcome these problems resulting in a smoother and more efficient process.
Glycosidases are specific enzymes able to increase the primary aroma of wine. Typically, oenological enzyme preparations include a mix of several synergic activities in order t...
Investigating consumer and expert perceptions on the sensory effects of lactic acid bacteria in wine
Publiée le 24/09/2020 08:15
Innovation Stabilisation & Bottling Grapes & wines analysis Sensory analysis Microbiology
Studies of microbiological impact on aroma profile in wine have recently shown that Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) can have just as profound a sensory impact as yeast (Silvano, 2019), yet little research has focused on end-user perception of these differences, in white and red wines.
Webinar Lallemand: A Shifting Wine Landscape, reshape to survive and succeed
Publiée le 24/07/2020 17:57
Innovation Stabilisation & Bottling Grapes & wines analysis Sustainable development Wine and Health Microbiology
The wine world has changed vastly in the last six months due to COVID-19, and has affected all parts of the distribution network, from producer all the way to consumer, and everything in between.

Lallemand Oenology organized a webinar to try to understand from a market point of view how things are shaping up, how the wine market is affected and what is next. Four experts in the field participated to this exclusive event. Sam Harrop MW and consultant in Spain, Chile, Japan and New Zealand, Ja...
Les vins naturels
Publiée le 07/05/2020 10:11
Grapes & wines analysis Sensory analysis Viticulture Sustainable development Media & Communication Wine and Health
Dans le monde du vin, parler des vins naturels, c’est un peu comme lâcher un :

 « Et vous pour qui vous votez ? » dans un repas entre amis. 

À ce moment précis, il y a deux solutions : 

- Soit, tout le monde répond la même chose et mange son sanglier avec un air satisfait.

- Soit, le sanglier profite de la bagarre pour se faire la malle et chacun mange son dessert en faisant des petits ronds avec sa cuillère…

Pour éviter la deuxième hypothèse, mieux vaut respirer un grand coup et...
Impact of selected wine bacteria on the sensory profile of wines .
Publiée le 22/02/2020 17:54
Innovation Grapes & wines analysis Sensory analysis Quality Process
A new spanish study performed in collaboration with technical institutes investigates the effects of co-inoculation ( inoculation of wine bacteria 24 hours after yeast addition)  with two different  wine bacteria Oenococcus oeni  (PN4 and OMEGA under MBR form , from Lallemand oenology)  on the kinetics of malolactic fermentation (MLF), wine chemical composition, and organoleptic characteristics in comparison with spontaneous MLF in Tempranillo grape must from Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).
Sensibilité à l’oxydation des vins : enfin un test prédictif rapide
Publiée le 21/02/2020 12:21
Stabilisation & Bottling Grapes & wines analysis Winery equipment
L’équipe œnologie de Vinventions a développé le test prédictif de Tendance d’Evolution (TE), disponible sur son analyseur de polyphénols, le NomaSense PolyScan P200. Pour la première fois, les vinificateurs pourront s’appuyer sur une analyse rapide pour évaluer la sensibilité d’un vin à l’oxydation.
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