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LalVigne™ Aroma and LalVigne™ Mature: Renewal of their Ecocert and NOP certifications is a success
LalVigne™ Aroma and LalVigne™ Mature: Renewal of their Ecocert and NOP certifications is a success
Publiée le 01/07/2019 17:14
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We are pleased to announce that LalVigne™ Aroma and LalVigne™ Mature have successfully renewed their Ecocert and NOP certifications. This will give the opportunity to European and North-American organic vine-growers to continue to use LalVigne™ products in their vineyards.

Achieving phenolic and enological maturity at the same time is a challenge that becomes more and more difficult to attain, notably because of the growing impact of climate change. 


LalVigne™ products are non-GMO natural inactivated yeast derivatives in the form of foliar sprays. Ecocert and NOP certified, they can be applied by all vine-growers at veraison to achieve better homogeneity from the onset of veraison. The source Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts used in its production were selected from the Lallemand yeast collection.


To apply LalVigne® foliar sprays in the vineyards proved to result in a greater concentration of aroma precursors, improved mouthfeel and more mature phenolic characters in the grapes.

Treating vineyards with these foliar sprays helps to advance maturity and also makes the challenge of achieving phenolic maturity in your grapes much easier. Kindly have a look at the time lapse video demonstrating the impact of the application of the LalVigne® Mature product on a 2016 Cabernet-Sauvignon from Ribera del Duero, Spain. Take a good look at the veraison, the onset of ripening and subsequent colour change. 

A single vineyard treatment with a LalVigne™ spray consists of two applications: The first is done at 5% veraison and the second 10–12 days later.

Using LalVigne™ products in the vineyards enables all vine-growers to achieve better and well-balanced wines.

  • Use LalVigne™ Mature to advance and improve phenolic maturity in your grapes.
  • Use LalVigne™ Aroma to increase and advance aromatic maturity in your grapes.

More information at LalVigne™: #GrowYourWine




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